Why Should You Learn Vietnamese?

Why Should You Learn Vietnamese

1. Because Vietnamese is easy to learn. If you focus on studying, you will learn the basics after only 3 months, and use it fluently after 6 months at a common level. After 1 year, you will reach the level of using Vietnamese like a normal Vietnamese. Compared to other languages, isn’t it very beneficial to learn Vietnamese?
2. Modern Vietnamese is a language that is both rational and romantic. In terms of phonetics, Vietnamese is a language that is more phonetically structured than any other natural Latin language. Because of the strict rules, it is easy to read and write. In terms of semantics, Vietnamese is the language that expresses the most nuances of emotions and feelings. Vietnamese grammar is both simple and flexible, very easy to use. (Although sometimes this flexibility makes learners think that it is very complicated.) Learning Vietnamese is learning how to think and feel Vietnamese, how to think and feel with balance and richness. .
3. Through Vietnamese to contact the masters and learn the cultural quintessence of the Vietnamese people. Vietnam has a lot of hermits, also known as talented recluses. They don’t show up often, so they’re not known to many people, but they’re actually masters in their own world. Just try to search, you will find interesting things.
4. Will Vietnam be the cradle of human civilization? Perhaps you feel surprised and surprised, but this is predicted with a lot of grounds. Vietnamese people are very flexible and foreign, so they quickly learn and absorb all cultural and ideological backgrounds around the world. Learning so much, but the culture and traditions of the Vietnamese people have never been lost. The most quintessential things are still handed down from generation to generation. This people has had a long time to accumulate and learn, and now is the time for them to create new ones based on existing foundations. They have absorbed all kinds of cultural – scientific – spiritual quintessence of the world. What do you think they will do next?

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