Why Should You Learn VIETNAMESE Pronunciation?

Why Should You Learn VIETNAMESE Pronunciation

Why should you learn Vietnamese pronunciation before exchanging languages?

❤ It is very easy for you to read words out loud as well as write them down without mistakes.

❤ It is much easier to learn and remember new words when you are able to pronounce them correctly. You just need to know about the meaning and using.

❤ You don’t really need to learn with a teacher to check your pronunciation. Instead of that, you can exchange languages with anyone knowing Vietnamese language.

If you want to learn Vietnamese by exchanging languages, you can consider learning pronunciation first, so that you can improve quickly.

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Vietnamese Foundation Course is provided for both new and old Vietnamese language learners with the deepest background of pronunciation & spellings. In addition, it includes basic grammar structures and vocabulary basing on the need of learners.

You can learn 1-1 lessons on zoom, and pay the fee with paypal. The courses last 24 hours, divided into 12 sections (2 hours per sections).

You can also choose the short version of this course, which is only focus on pronunciation and spellings.

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