Sing in Vietnamese Course helps students learn how to sing in Vietnamese with full, clear words and ensure correct Vietnamese pronunciation whether they sing fast or slow. The course provides collected Vietnamese songs and also guided learners to sing their favorite Vietnamese songs. This online, 1 on 1 course lasts 12 sessions including both theoretical and practical lessons, personalized to the voice and needs of the students. Learners will be guided from how to sing the right words to how to express emotions in the song. They are also are expected to complete at least 1 musical product after the course.

Vietnamese communication course provides students with 12 diverse topics, optional according to students' needs. It provides listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar topics around those topics. The course is held online and taught 1-on-1 with native teachers. The resources provided are varied and abundant. It is suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate levels (A2 to B2) and lasts only 12 sessions, each 90 minutes. Students can study encapsulated within 1 month with 3 sessions a week.

Vietnamese Grammar is a short course that helps learners quickly and easily approach Vietnamese grammar. The course has high practicality in using words, constructing sentences, helping learners conquer the complexity of Vietnamese grammar, and realizing that Vietnamese grammar is actually very simple and flexible. With only 12 sessions, the course provides the most necessary and concise knowledge.